Stressful day? Unwind with this jazzy version of Dio's Holy Diver

Ronnie James Dio in 1990
Ronnie James Dio in 1990 (Image credit: Ann Summa\/Getty)

Ronnie James Dio hit the nail on the head when he declared that “life’s a never ending wheel” on his band’s 1983 single Holy Diver.

What is life but a endless trudge to the corner shop only to find you’ve left your wallet on the kitchen table? The monotonous chats with your neighbour whose house smells like a pair of old gloves. Or that growing damp patch on the wall that looks like Phil Anselmo after standing on a Lego brick.

While we’re not the type of people to rush home and run a hot bubble path to erase the day’s woes, we accept there’s a time and a place for relaxation – but the pub gets crowded sometimes and they don’t like it when we take our trainers off.

Enter one of TeamRock’s favourite YouTubers Andy Rehfeldt who has created the aural equivalent of a neck rub.

“Ronnie James Dio, in my opinion, is one of the greatest singers who ever lived,” says Rehfeldt, who’s clearly correct. “I was thrilled to find his vocals on the internet, so I did this arrangement.”

Turn laid-back version of Holy Diver up to at least ‘5’ and feel those worries melt away, like chocolate in a cuddly man’s pocket.