Deathcore brutes Osiah are probably the heaviest band in the UK

A press shot of Osiah taken in 2016

What’s the heaviest thing you can think of? The likelihood is that whatever it is, it isn’t anywhere near as crucifyingly heavy as Osiah. A band whose take on the deathcore formula is so unrelentingly bleak and extreme that you may need a lie down after exposing yourself to them, the Sunderland quintet are violently redefining the subgenre and turning it into something that audibly ups the ante for musical extremists everywhere.

“We know people love putting tags on things but we’re just heavy!” says frontman Ricky Lee Roper. “It’s a shame that there’s so much hatred associated with the word ‘deathcore’. Most people just shut off when they hear it, but we’ve got no time for ignorance. Music is music. Stop whinging and start enjoying it.”

There’s plenty to enjoy on the new Osiah album, Terror Firma. From its remorseless barrage of grinding, downtempo riffing and bursts of psychotic speed to the grim premonitions outlined in the album’s intricate concept, it’s an album that confounds the notion that deathcore bands have little to say and no new ways to say it. As Ricky explains, Osiah’s message is one that is utterly relevant to the state of the world today.

“We’ve all forgotten that we’re guests on this massive rock,” he muses. “The populace as a majority has enslaved the animals of this world – it’s humanity’s nature to enslave and kill. We’ve become parasitic, and will remain that way until a greater threat is revealed to mankind. The album concept touches on that, when the Earth itself fights back and becomes the top predator.”

Despite their worldview, Osiah are passionate believers that the UK metal scene is in rude health. Uniting the tribes through sheer belief and determination: that sounds like a noble mission to us.

“We’ve built great relationships with bands from different subgenres and can proudly say we are all in this together!” Ricky concludes. “Osiah will always try and help where we can, the scene means that much to us. Fuck elitism! Fuck screwing over your own scene. Build bridges, not walls!”

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