Death metal heroes Hate Eternal stream their new album in full

One of death metal’s founding fathers, Erik Rutan’s journey through the ranks of New Jersey’s death/thrashers Ripping Corpse and Morbid Angel had already honed his shredding skills into one of the most devastating weapons in the underground armoury by the time he formed Hate Eternal in 1997.

Eighteen years later, the band’s precision battery still has the power to startle, and their forthcoming album, Infernus - released on August 24 via the august Season Of Mist Records - is a new precipice that encompasses the imperious power of Behemoth, the unrelenting density of Nile and not-pissing-about technical fervour of the new breed of death metal marauders, and proceeds to to rip your face off from every conceivable angle plus a few more for good measure.

If hyper-speed, sonic disembowelment, concussion and all-round pulverising intensity is your thing, and you’re a fool unto yourself if it’s not, then today offers somewhere in the region of 12 billion moments of reckoning in the furious form of Infernus streaming, and steaming, in its entirety. Take one last look at your mostly unblemished face and submit yourself to the gut-pummelling glory that is Infernus below!

Throw yourself at the mercy of Hate Eternal’s Facebook page here!

And pre-order Infernus in its many forms here!

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