Cult Swedish black metallers Craft return with a blistering new track

Craft live pic
(Image credit: Jennie Petterson)

Clearly, one of black metal’s broodier bands, cult Swedish outfit Craft are about to release their first their third full-length missive in seven years (2011’s Void, came out a relatively sprightly six years after its predecessor, Fuck The Universe). Released on June 22 via Season Of Mist Records, White Noise And Black Metal is going to prove more than worth the wait, and we have a special preview in the imperious form of the track The Cosmic Sphere Falls.

More sharply produced than anything Craft have released before, but honing their nihilistic creed to awe-inspiring levels, this is a mixture of classic, mid-paced black metal and equilibrium-ruining lurches. The Cosmic Sphere Falls itself undergoes a startling evolution that hints at Oranssi Pazuzu-style, interstellar mindfuckery while ratcheting up the grimness to Thanos-like levels.

If you like your black metal bleak and vast, Craft have you covered, so make like you’re crushing invisible planets and listen to The Cosmic Sphere Falls below!

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And pre-order White Noise And Black Metal here!

Jonathan Selzer

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