Counting Days: Going To War

It’s a common theme across heavy music that you should never write anyone off. How many times have individuals been chucked on the scrapheap, only to return with the bit between their teeth? This bodes well for Counting Days, a motley crew of nearly men from the UK underground.

Their individual CVs include Heights, TRC and Last Witness. Are they primed to go the distance where their previous ventures may have stalled?

“That’s what we’re going for,” says guitarist Charlie Wilson. “I love what I did with TRC but I’m a metal kid at heart and we are aiming to make this a combination of all of our previous bands, but heavier. Imagine TRC and Heights but with solos and finger-tapping!”

If that gets your blood pumping then another cause for excitement should be the utilising of frontman Thom Debaere, who sang on Heights’ stunning Dead Ends debut before he was fired from the band. He must have a point to prove…

“He’s one of my favourite voices in music,” Charlie agrees. “He’s got the right level of heaviness needed for this band, but his range is insane. We’ve been demoing stuff and he’s getting pushed a lot more than he ever has. Heights’ l So can Counting Days pool their experiences to step up into the

league with UK metal’s best? Or will their hardcore background prevent them from that sort of association?

“We’d rather go the whole hog and get as involved with the mainstream as possible,” shrugs Charlie. “We’ve done it with the hardcore scene; I’m not interested in that anymore. Even today I got a screenshot from some guy’s Twitter, slagging us off for selling out. I’ve got a lot of time for the old London hardcore scene butI don’t like what it’s turned into.”

All this should feed itself into what is shaping up to be a very intriguing proposition.

“We – especially Thom – have got some wrongs to right and scores to settle,” says Charlie, ominously. “Not that I want to make him sound like an action movie star, ha ha ha! But there is unfinished business. Bobby [Daniels, bass] was in Last Witness and played bass in Architects for a while, TRC have been knocking on the door for ages now. We’re hoping to take that ball and run with it.”


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