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Coming up roses with Blackberry Smoke

Blackberry Smoke’s Charlie Starr and Brit Turner have spoken to TeamRock about the band’s album Holding All The Roses, the follow-up to 2012’s The Whippoorwill.

The two spoke about working with producer Brendan O’Brien, the recording sessions, and about some of the album’s themes.

“Lyrically, this time I promised myself I wouldn’t write anything that was biblical in nature,” says frontman Charlie Starr. “But I lied — there are two more. But I think there’s a little more anger in this album. And that may just be the time we live in… because I’m happy. I’m not angry. Do I look angry? I’m not!”

Holding All The Roses is released on February 9, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon and iTunes. For limited edition vinyl sets, visit the Earache webstore.