California's far-reaching doom crew Amarok unveil their debut album

Amarok promo pic 2018
(Image credit: Michelle Camy)

Released eight years after they first slithered out into the north Californian sun, and five years since their last EP, Amarok’s debut album, Devoured, sounds like it’s been gestating in some godforsaken region for a few aeons at least. Even within the dynamics of the album itself, time becomes a loose concept, its one-hour running time (well, crawling time) is distributed across a mere four tracks as hideously affecting funeral doom is scorched by blackened, existence-berating vocals and given space to utterly fail to evolve, suggesting instead a persistent existential plight gradually corroding any last residue of hope.

If you like nothing better on a blazing summer day than closing your curtains and being transported to the vast outer reaches of psychic trauma then thank your dying stars, because we’re streaming Devoured in full on this day of release.

So without further ado, cast your gaze to the heavens, realise there’s no entity above that can hear your call and find consolation in the infinitely immersive dynamics of Devoured below!

Devoured is released on June 22 via Translation Loss Records

Order the album here!

Jonathan Selzer

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