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Blut Aus Nord members return with a new, mind-melting vision

Yerûšelem promo pic 2019

Having created some of the most pioneering and frankly terrifying music in the black metal canon, Blut Aus Nord members Vindsval and W.D. Feld are about to return with a new project, and a new, nightmare vision called Yerûšelem.

Marginally more accessible than Blut Aus Nord’s canon, Yerûšelem’s debut album, The Sublime - due out on Debemur Morti Productions on February 8 - keeps much of the time and space-warping whorl for which they’ve become known, but here it’s welded to penitent, Godflesh-style industrial grooves that feel like being repeatedly punched in your third eye.

If that sounds like your cup of LSD then allow yourself a little shiver of trepidation, because we have an exclusive preview in the vast yet juddering form of the track Babel. A four-and-a-half-minute mechanised stomp through the heavens’ most baleful yet strangely beautiful hinterlands, its combination of helpless momentum and writhing, brain-scraping noise feels like a pilgrimage to the outer limits of human reason, only just starting to grasp what lies beyond.

So without further ado, turn your gaze to the skies above, realise with no small amount of nausea that the stars are all out of whack, and repeatedly bash your head against the doors of perception to Babel below!

Yerûšelem 'The Sublime' album cover art