Bloodstock's New Blood: Up-and-coming metal bands you need to check out!

(Image credit: Bloodstock/Master's Call/Damim)

Bloodstock's Hobgoblin New Blood stage gives newer, less established, up-and-coming and unsigned bands the opportunity to play to the hungry metalheads at BOA.

The unique stage provides a platform for the next generation of metal talent to reach a wider audience. It's a part of Bloodstock's very core and the festival have championed newcomers and self signed artists, offering a platform to build a wider audience profile since their very beginning – 18 years ago!

Every year the festival runs Metal 2 The Masses, giving up-and-coming metal bands across the UK the opportunity to win a place on Bloodstock's New Blood stage, and party like a VIP, rubbing up alongside their favourite bands.

In previous years the likes of Evil Scarecrow, Bloodshot Dawn and Evile have graced the New Blood stage. This year the stage will host another load of rising stars, and honestly it's goddamn hard to pick just a few, but without further ado here's our guide to who you absolutely must check out.

The Headliners


Formed back in 2005, Damim released their third album A Fine Game of Nihil on June 28 via Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings. The blackened thrash outfit don't pull any punches with their brutally bold brand of metal. 

Pick up the latest issue of Metal Hammer for an exclusive interview with the guys and catch them headlining on Sunday.


Progressive death metal outfit Anakim dropped their first album back in 2017. Following the release of this debut the band went in search of a new vocalist, eventually enlisting The Drowning frontman Matt Small, who joined permanently in December. This new line-up are currently working on their second record and we're expecting plenty more hard-hitting, technical riffage, melodic layers and brutal bellows. 

Master's Call

Taking the headline slot on Saturday, blackened death metallers Master's Call are a brutally bleak tour de force hailing from the U.K.'s black country (no joke). They dropped their first E.P. earlier this year, a trio of tracks full of darkly concocted rich deliciousness.  

Bands further down the bill you might have missed...

Lock horns

Irish outfit Lock Horns describe themselves as a progressive metal band, but that doesn't quite sum up how goddamn heavy they are. Technical mastery + ferocious velocity + deathly vocals = bloody brilliant. 

Empire Warning

West Londoners Empire Warning bring a healthy dose of rhythmic grooves, it's classic heavy metal brought up to date with ferocious vocals and driving drums. Think Orange Goblin... Catch 'em Saturday afternoon.


Tech deathers Pravitas are one's to watch for fans of the likes of Thy Art Is Murder, Periphery, Sixth, Decapitated and Faceless. Expect plenty of beatdowns, incredibly intricate riffage and proggy, djenty goodness. Catch them Friday afternoon!

Grand Elder

If you like your groove-laden Southern-tinged stoner metal... think HellYeah, Alabama Thunderpussy, Kyuss, Mastodon, Monster Magnet and the like, you'll love Grand Elder. Powerful, aggressive rock 'n' roll – just the way we like it!


Taking cues from the mighty Electric Wizard and hailing from Sabbath country, Voidlurker fuzzy blend of stoner sludge will fill up the New Blood stage on Saturday. Their hefty blend of doomy riffage, sludgy distortion and evoke the spirit of Weedeater.

The trio crushed their competitors at the Birmingham Metal 2 the Masses final and have supported the likes of Dopelord, The Obsessed & Witchsorrow.

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