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The world need more comedy black metal Public Service Announcements like this one

Ah, the good old Public Service Announcement. Boring don’t-do-this-do-that lectures delivered by grey-faced politicians and/or celebrities intent on telling the rest of us how to live our lives. If only somebody created a proper, honest-to-Satan PSA done in an old school black metal style, then we might listen.

Wait, what's that? Somebody has?

US musician Vance Kotrla has served up a spoof PSA he’s calling Wear A Mask! Wear A Mask about the necessity to wear a facemask in public that sounds like it could have been laid down by a bunch of Norwegian church-burners back in 1993. 

Don't be fooled by that nicey-nice intro – it's just there to sucker you in, Bon Jovi fans. Vance soon ramps up the tr00 black metal noise to deliver a message about wearing a mask in public (with a little help from his daughter). The key line “Wear a mask/Don’t be a chode” pretty much says it all.

Check it out below. And do what the man says: wear a mask.