Watch Biters' Tuk Smith join Cheap Trick onstage for Surrender

Tuk Smith and Rick Nielson
Tuk Smith and Rick Nielson
(Image: © YouTube)

Biters frontman Tuk made a surprise appearance at Cheap Trick’s show at the Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday night, joining the band for a climactic version of Surrender. Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready guested on the same song at a show in Auburn, Washington, last month.

“The day before the show my friend who does a little work for Orange Amps asked me if I wanted interview Rick Nielsen, so I jumped at the chance,” says Tuk. “I was really nervous ‘cause I know Rick has a bit of a reputation, but as soon as he saw me he was really happy. He asked about the Biters and whatnot. During the interview I jokingly made a remark, something like, “Well, if you ever need a rhythm guitar player you know where to find me”. He yelled over to his guitar tech, “Set him up with a guitar and amp! He’s playing a song with us tonight,” and pointed at me.

“I said, “Are you for real?! What song am I playing?” Rick said, “None of your fucking business” and changed the subject. I was watching the show from the side and during their interlude Robin Zander came up and said, “Hey, heard you’re playing a song with us?!” And Rick said, “Yeah, he’s coming out for Surrender”. Luckily I knew that song by heart. I was freaking out. It was awesome!”

Cheap Trick are currently on their Rock Hall Three For All Tour alongside Heart and Joan Jett. Biters released a video for The City Ain’t The Same in June.

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