The Best New Metal Album Releases This Week

a press shot of Dillinger Escape Plan in 2016

Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation

“Can The Dillinger Escape Plan focus themselves to shock us one last time? Opener Limerent Death treads familiar ground: radical rhythmic gear changes, technically impenetrable riffs and a screeching, vicious vocal delivery by Greg Puciato. It’s typically Dillinger, typically brilliant, but only a warning of what’s to come.” Read the full review here.

Red Fang - Only Ghosts

“Plunging deeper into the groaning depths of the band’s darker side their fourth album unearths some surprisingly macabre moments and the gut-wrenching snarl and echo on No Air and The Smell Of Sound is the most salient reminder that Ross Robinson is at the controls.” Read the full review here.

Seeker - Loss

“Whatever the cause of their newfound rage, the result here is explosive and brilliantly vicious as the trio rip ferociously through the initial double blitzkrieg ofThroat and Void to set the tone for this short but highly effective 25-minute assault of grinding nihilism, filth-laden crust and thrash-inspired attacks.” Read the full review here.

Shvpes - Pain. Joy. Ecstacy. Despair

“Shvpes’ debut album melds genres in an instinctive manner that’ll make you want to throw yourself around the room in solidarity with their straight-up lyrical misanthropy. The thick production introducing opener Bone Theory sounds like the opening bars of another wall-of-sound metalcore effort, but the hardcore-influenced chorus shatters those ideas.” Read the full review here.

40 Watt Sun - Wider Than The Sun

“40 Watt Sun’s second full-length, Wider than the Sky takes a different tack to their 2011 debut, which followed Walker’s former band Warning’s 2006 swansong opus,Watching from a Distance. The biggest surprise is that the distortion has been scaled back to reveal the bones of the arrangements, settling on understated minimalism rather than weighty, crestfallen doom.” Read the full review here.

Venom Prison - Animus

“The uncontrollable rage that surges through their debut album is the milk that feeds the sick and twisted ensemble who work in tandem to create such a hellish racket, the demon spawn would flee in agony. The hyper-tempo drums and thrash-influenced riffing grow and swell like a rotting carcass, but it’s Larissa Stupar’s formidable, bloodcurdling roar that separates Venom Prison from their peers.” Read the full review here.

Black Table - Obelisk

Obelisk is a travelogue of torment, marked by off-kilter guitar lines and the extraordinary voice of Mers Sumida. She sounds like she’s being wrenched from the abyss and spun out into the stars, her voice taking on multiple dimensions even within the same song, much as the band do themselves.” Read the full review here.

Oozing Wound - Whatever Forever

“Asked to describe this, their third album, Zack Weil, guitarist and vocalist of Chicago based stoner-thrash trio Oozing Wound, replied: “Tipper Gore’s worst fears incarnate. A horrifying concoction of apathy and malaise wrapped in a delectable sheet of hatred, drowned in a bath of contempt… Great for parties.” And who could argue – the grungy, slacker thrash of their debut, Retrash, and 2014’s pummelling Earth Suck, would start a party in trauma ward.” Read the full review here.

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The Best New Metal Album Releases This Week

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