Avenged Sevenfold read mean tweets about themselves

Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates reading tweets from a piece of paper

Jimmy Kimmel has popularised the idea of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves (seriously, stick it into YouTube, there are loads), and now Avenged Sevenfold are getting in on the action. Not in conjunction with Kimmel, but rather on a leather sofa presumably backstage somewhere, three of A7X sit down to read some not-so-constructive criticism from the Twittersphere. 

Synyster Gates, Brooks Wackerman and Johnny Christ sit down with a trusty piece of paper and recite a selection of tweets insulting Avenged Sevenfold. From comparing their sound to 90s era Metallica to highlighting the similarities of Syn's hair to that of Goku from Dragon Ball, it's a scathing review from the internet. Of course, the guys take it in their stride, but at times it does feel like Brooks is taking some of the sick burns personally. 

This isn't the first time Avenged have come under scrutiny from the internet, last year the kids from Kids React passed judgement on the music of A7X.