Australia's mystic doom crew Drug Cult stream their debut album in full

Drug Cult promo pic 2018
(Image credit: James Adams)

If you’re in search of archetype-unearthing visions, or just want to get properly smashed, Mount Chincogan, a short drive north west of Mullumbimby, New South Wales on Australia’s east coast would be a prime destination. One of a range of volcanic shield mountains that last erupted a few million years ago, long held a sacred women's site and studded with crystals at its peak, it’s where four-piece Drug Cult got together to draw inspiration for their self-titled debut album, released rather aptly, by Ritual Productions.

A spiritual tuning fork resonating with primordial, Sabbathian grooves, potently wanton, intoxicated-by-the-energies vocals and a general sense of communion with vast forces operating beyond the boundaries of rational human thought, Drug Cult pounds your consciousness until it develops a host of lurid welts.

As a gift to seekers of both the mysteries and the kind of doom that sounds likes the veneer of reality is starting to ripple and warp, we have a stream of Drug Cult in its full, stupefying wonder, so lie back, think of the cosmos, and serpent gods squirming through the substrata of consciousness, and give what’s left of your mind to Drug Cult below!

Check out Drug Cult's Facebook page here and order the album here!

Jonathan Selzer

Having freelanced regularly for the Melody Maker and Kerrang!, and edited the extreme metal monthly, Terrorizer, for seven years, Jonathan is now the overseer of all the album and live reviews in Metal Hammer. Bemoans his obsolete superpower of being invisible to Routemaster bus conductors, finds men without sideburns slightly circumspect, and thinks songs that aren’t about Satan, swords or witches are a bit silly.