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Are Guns N' Roses teasing an Appetite For Destruction reunion?

Guns N' Roses in 1987
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Guns N' Roses' reunion tour has made serious bank. The Not In This Lifetime Tour has made upwards of $230million, and it's still rolling on, with various headline spots at European fests this summer – including Download festival.

We went to see the show last year at the London Stadium and it was the greatest gig of 2017, without a shadow of a doubt. Almost three hours of gargantuan rock 'n' roll hits, being smashed straight out of the park by three men you never thought would share a stage again. And Axl turned up on time! 

But now it looks like they could top that performance with something even more special

According to the Instagram posts below, a billboard has appeared in Camden, London, showing all five original members of Guns N' Roses in their Appetite For Destruction skeletal forms. Underneath each face is the website GNR.FM (opens in new tab), which might not sound official, but it was registered by Universal Music Enterprises in March of this year. And if you visit the site, it says "Destruction Is Coming" followed by "#AppetiteForDestruction".

Now, we're not saying this definitely is an Appetite For Destruction reunion tour, it could just as easily be a reissue of the album to celebrate its 30th anniversary (although technically its 31st). 

The fact that the URL was registered by the record label suggests it's more likely to be a re-release or a fancy box set of the album. Plus, Izzy Stradlin walked away from the reunion last year, but if Axl and Slash can play together, anything can happen!

And this does feel like a lot of effort for a snazzy deluxe remaster, doesn't it? And why start teasing it in London? Could it be connected to GNR's upcoming UK show at Donington? Could they be playing Appetite... in full at Download? We'll have to watch this space. But it feels like we could be seeing the band back together again...