5 albums that influenced Watain's new album Trident Wolf Eclipse

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Five years on from The Wild Hunt, Watain are back with the explosive Trident Wolf Eclipse. It sees the bloodied Swedes at their most raw, their most primal, their most evil. In the latest issue of Metal Hammer sit down with mastermind Erik Danielsson to talk about why they’re “going to war for the Devil” with their most savage album ever.

But, musically, what fed into Trident Wolf Eclipse? Erik reveals the five records that inspired him to create such a beast.

Metallica – Kill ’Em All (1983)

“The infernal birthplace of much of our music taste, not to mention countless Watain ideas. This album has been the soundtrack to so many nights of chaos and destruction, hunger and bloodlust, total power and force!”

Hellhammer – Apocalyptic Raids (1984)

“Originators, visionaries, geniuses. There is much to be said about the fundamental importance of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost to black metal, but few have ever come near their groove, their precision and their infernal elegance.”

Master’s Hammer – Ritual (1991)

“A breathtaking Eastern European anomaly – one among many! It’s total perfection from start to finish. Here you can clearly tell what isolation and determination can do to creativity. To this day they are a highly interesting band, maintaining a totally unique character.”

Nifelheim – Servants Of Darkness (2000)

“As pure and total as black metal gets! Nifelheim always played in a league of their own, and they are now by far the most uncompromising Scandinavian Black Metal from the early 1990s that still deliver the goods.”

The Devil’s Blood – Come Reap (2008)

“When The Devil’s Blood entered into our world, it was like a tidal wave of new inspiration, and owed much to the fiery talent, personality and vision of Selim. The greatest rock band of our times, in my book.”

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Watain: "We're going to war for the Devil"

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