3TEETH's Metawar: The ultimate track-by-track guide in the band's own words

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The Tool-approved industrial metallers 3TEETH dropped brand new album Metawar on July 5. The band's highly anticipated third studio album features the explosive singles President X and Exxxit and aims to confront the "rotting underbelly and impure motivations of the corporate mainstream".

Produced by Sean Beavan, who has also lent his expertise to the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, 3TEETH's new record continues their upward trajectory towards industrial royalty. It's lyrics might be a red pill, but it's swallowed like a blue.

Frontman, Alexis "Lex" Mincolla is a highly creative visionary who holds two science degrees and expresses a deep fondness and knowledge of numerology, theology, sociology and history – all of which feed into his politically charged lyrics.

We caught up with Lex hot off 3TEETH's tour with Ministry to delve into the inner workings of his cyber punk machine's newest output. 

3TEETH - Metawar

(Image credit: 3TEETH)

1. Hyperstition
2. Affluenza [Explicit]
3. Exxxit
4. American Landfill [Explicit]
5. President X
6. Altær [Explicit]
7. Time Slave
8. Bornless
9. Surrender [Explicit]
10. Sell Your Face 2.0
11. Blackout
12. The Fall
13. Pumped Up Kicks


"A coincidence intensifying infoxotin that serves as a catalytic accelerant introduction to the METAWAR itself."


"It's the all-consuming epidemic of our time. It's a socially transmitted disease that infects via the prosthetic digital nervous system when exposed to the conspicuous consumption based infotoxins emitted from Kim Kardashian's ass."


"The work hinges on a conceptual ultimatum that confronts consumers in the face of deteriorating quality of goods, states or institutions. You essentially gave one of three choices. You can EXIT (withdraw from the relationship). 

"You can VOICE (attempt to repair or improve the relationship through communication of the complaint, grievance or proposal for change) or there is LOYALTY (which is essentially remaining loyal to said deterioration)."

American Landfill

"Welcome to the  memetic concentration camp of throw away culture piled up high with decomposing ideologies ready to be processed into the memory whole. This is the big data dump of perception management systems incorporated."

President X

"President X is about an arbitrary figure head that will continue to be replaced, repositioned and repackaged to maintain an illusion of choice and difference in a system that operates on auto-pilot. 

"As the administration pendulum swings back and forth in our bi-partisan shit show, you basically get a new leader who comes in with the goal of undoing what the last guy did, continuing this cycle of futility. 

"It’s like one of those TV shows that just keeps going on season after season, walking you in circles by throwing in new hackneyed characters and the same trite notions of conflict but in reality the story has no arc and no resolution and by the time the season finale comes, oh and it will come, you’re going to look back on it go holy fuck I want my money back… and no I’m not talking metaphorical money, I’m talking about your actual tax dollars that funded a hot trash show. 

"I believe there was a fine scholar by the name of Frank Zappa who once said ‘Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex."


"Standing upon the fulcrum of our own extinction at the altar of change we we attempt to alter our DNA in a sort of failed promethean jail break from our own alien planet. Nothing will change until its too late."

Time Slave

"No one escapes Saturn's reach as our self imposed time prisons provide nothing but empty finish lines. We find nothing but grief in the shadows of our progress as Moloch merely shovels babies into the fire of productivity while Mammon hooks them on the dead heroin of envy."


"A mantric attempt at breaking the bonds of geotyranny. Fettered to our own lines in the sands we must declare that the map is not the territory and the menu is not the meal. Remain formless like water."


"Waking up at rock bottom and absolving yourself of an institutional identity injection. The retrospection of a solider disenchanted with his original sense of purpose or the realization that incentives drive ideology. If you don't develop a sense of self, a self will be issued and used to the advantage of said institution."

Sell Your Face 2.0

"Today's exchange rate for meta data is a a micro dose of dopamine and we couldn't care less.  Convenience is king and co-dependency is standard. Its easier to imagine the end of the world than a future without our mobile devices, but you better buckle up because the next 10 years are going to wild. See you in the algorithm."

Black out

"Hell manufacturing is the name of the game is business is great. As the walls close those bottom line numbers continue to skyrocket until one day there is no more sky."

The Fall

"Embracing the demise and leaning into the end as a way of inviting the renewal. The majesty of decay of a dying star and the ephemeral glow of a fallen empire will be a truly beautiful twilight of an aeon."

Pumped Up Kicks

"Nothing says levity like pop songs and school shooting here in America and we figured after a punishing record we'd send you off with a little bit of a reminder of the starting point. Like a nice book end to bring you back to square one for a little sardonic comic relief."

Metawar is out now via Century Media. Click here to order your copy now.