10 underground bands you need to listen to right now, by Cassels

A press shot of Cassels

Cassels have been making a name for themselves on the underground British music scene of late. Their blend of socially aware emo-rock – imagine how Slint might sound if they were both slightly more upbeat and preoccupied with British politics – has garnered them a not-inconsiderable cult following and inspired a French filmmaker to make a documentary about a year in the life of their band. Not bad for two kids from Oxfordshire.

Given their place at the forefront of the UK underground, the band join us to talk us through the other best new bands making waves on the scene right now. You can hear their new single, Where Baseball Was Invented, at the bottom of the page.

Robocobra Quartet

When we were up in Belfast recording our debut album our producer Rocky O’Reilly told us to check out local ‘jazz-punk’ outfit Robocobra Quartet. I know, ‘jazz-punk’ sounds shit, but it’s literally the closest you’ll get to an accurate description. Anyway we obliged, and now they’re my new favourite band.

Gender Roles

Top lads from Brighton playing grungy, punky, rocky bangers. They’re not just your standard grunge band though, I’ll have you know – these chaps write with intelligence and subtlety, combining massive choruses and hooks with clever changes of pace and dynamics. Right up my street, mate.

St Pierre Snake Invasion

I’d been meaning to see these guys for a while, but finally caught them at 2000 Trees earlier this year and they blew me away. The Bristol music scene is having an absolute corker at the moment with the likes of St Pierre, Downard and, of course, the amazing Idles.


Two lovely fellas called John, believe it or not. Their newest single Ghost Printer sounds like a really good Pissed Jeans song, which is saying something, because Pissed Jeans are a really good band.


“Two more lovely fellas, these ones are from Croydon. They take all the best bits of Mclusky and Future Of The Left and add some massive great enormous huge riffage on top. Pukka.”

The New Tusk

“We went on a little weekender with The New Tusk at the start of the year and had a lovely time with the scamps. Check out their EP Sloom – it’s a 100% certified summer banger.”


“We formed an unbreakable bond with the itoldyous during our co-headline tour back in September. Melodic emo that’ll make you want to cry into your Horlicks at night. They’ve just dropped a banger called Divine Violence accompanied with a video – double whammy!”

Vincent Vocoder Voice

“One of the most underrated bands in the existence of music, ever. Their self-titled debut album is a work of genius from start to finish, from its highly intelligent lyrics to its well-crafted production. I think it’s a real gift when your band sounds like no other around, which is certainly the case for VVV.”

Ghost Kings Of The Five Regions

“I think me and Jim might have been at their first ever show, which was underneath a vegan café in Brixton. They were wicked back then and they’ve only gotten better. One of the most unique bands you’ll hear in London today, the nearest descriptor I can think of would be ‘hip-doom’?”

Youth Man

“[We’re] PUMPED to have them as support for our album release show in October. Youth Man are one of the loudest and most energetic live bands I’ve seen, and yet so annoyingly friggin’ tight at the same time. Check out the video for Look/Wait right now.”

Cassels’ debut album, Epithet, is available now via Big Scary Monsters. Check out their new single, Where Baseball Was Invented, below.

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