10 metal songs perfect for your BBQ

Chicken wings and sausages on a BBQ
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Well, summer is finally here, and all over the UK bald dudes are popping their shirts off in public and sizzling metalheads are regretting going for an all black outfit again. Since it could take all of five minutes before the good weather buggers off for another year, we’re taking advantage and breaking out the best-loved British summer tradition, barbecues! We’ve even compiled ten metal bangers to soundtrack your garden grill sesh – so get out the deck chairs, crack open the cheap beers, and get those flames flying!

System Of A Down – BYOB

Metalheads have a reputation for being able to pack away the drink when the sun comes out – just look at the amount of booze consumed at any festival, you can’t afford to pay that bar tab. System Of A Down tell your invitees straight, Bring Your Own Beer. Unless, of course, the song title is a play on the popular abbreviation giving it a political subtext… but the chorus talks about having a party, so what else could it mean?

Alice In Chains – Them Bones

Alice In Chains’ album Dirt and the sunshine go together like ribs and barbecue sauce. Speaking of which, if you’re enjoying a mountain of ribs or an onslaught of chicken drumsticks, this sunny belter from Alice In Chains lets us know they’re “gonna end up a big old pile of them bones”.

Limp Bizkit – Hot Dog

Can you call a barbecue a barbecue without hot dogs? Can you have a party in the sun without Limp Bizkit? The answer to both is yes, but they’d be a bit naff without them. We’d advise leaving this track out if your gran is coming though – there are a lot of F-bombs, so maybe not ideal for family affairs.

Steel Panther – Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’

Are you watching your weight? Do you give yourself the luxury of cheat days? Well put your worries to rest, no one judges your facestuffing at a barbecue, it’s why barbecues were invented (probably)! Steel Panther are here to assure you that at this BBQ, eatin’ ain’t cheatin’ (that’s what this chorus is about, isn’t it?).

Dismember – Fleshless (the veggie option)

You got some vegetablists coming? No worries! All great hosts have a vegetarian option. Just chuck some mushrooms, tomatoes, and veggie burgers on the grill to turn your heavy metal bbq into a fleshless treat.

Korn – Children Of The Korn

Not only does Ice Cube’s verse make this a killer track for both metal and hip-hop loving barbie guests, but it’s also the best song to serve another vegetarian option and barbecue classic ‘Korn’ on the cob. Ho ho…

Municipal Waste – Beer Pressure

A song about friends bonding over the most essential element of a BBQ – the beer. There’s something about thrash metal that fits with the beery, meaty party atmosphere of barbecues. Although, you need to make sure the chef drinks responsibly while cooking, otherwise you could end up with a burnt face, or worse, burnt burgers!

Battlecross – Flesh And Bone

Still hacking at the meat? Getting full? Is that last round of chicken drumsticks giving you a funny look? Crack another beer, pop on this belter and power through the last course of flesh and bone!

Cattle Decapitation – Gristle Licker

This track will have one of two effects. Either the ridiculous riffing and drums will make you tear through lamb chops like a lion going through a gazelle buffet, or lyrics like “Skinned alive and left there dangling, being cured by the heat of the sun, attracting flies depositing their larvae, a caviar like garnish to the dehydrated rump,” will make you stick to the veggie menu.

Autopsy – Charred Remains

So this is it. People have turned up, drank all your beer and eaten all your food. You’re left alone staring at the embers slowly fading under your grill, but what is left for you? You take a blackened burger that was left on the heat for too long, slightly drunk and wearing a silly apron, you finish off the charred remains.