Zodiac N’ Black: The Aftermyth

Where 90s grunge meets modern classic rock

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It takes a few listens to get what Zodiac N’ Black are about but these Londoners have an effective grip on the rudiments of grunge, filtered through a traditional rock gauze. However, don’t get the idea they’re in any way a throwback, as the songs and musicianship here have a restive, 21st-century pulse.

From the opening uptempo stride of Bastadino, through the dark mystique of A Necessary Evil to the anthemic march of Better Off Dead and the purposeful alt-rock of Bad Pills, this lot deliver with character, charm and no little aptitude.

Zodiac N’ Black have much in common with Warrior Soul, plus Stone Temple Pilots and Therapy?. This is intelligently crafted music, and yet it never sacrificies emotion in the search for a quick melodic fix. There’s enough to suggest Zodiac N’ Black have a real shot at future fame. Another addition to the growing list of British potential worldbeaters.