Zaius - Of Adoration album review

Chicago post-rockers set sail after the wind’s died down

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The real heyday for luscious, crescendo-lobbing post-rock, when a degree in graphic design, a tidily coiffured beard and a clutch of Isis records could get you a hell of a long way, probably ended sometime around 2010. No one, however, has seemingly told this to Chicago outfit Zaius. Not that there’s anything wrong with wringing the most out of gradually building, ponderous Pelican-isms, bristling, Russian Circles-like sonic filigrees and Isis-ish tidal waves of guitars – in fact the instrumental quartet excel at all three. And therein lies the problem with Of Adoration: for all the cleverly wrought layers of guitars and finely honed post-rock tropes, there is an unshakable feeling of familiarity throughout. From the juddering, brute force of Echelon, through the epic, fret-tapping bliss of Sheepdog and the plucking-heavy closer Colin, nothing quite truly grabs your full attention.