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Yashin: The Renegades

They don’t play by the rules, they calculate by them

On the surface Yashin look in good health, but if you dig just a few millimeters you’ll find these men are devoid of any honesty, feelings or passion.

They’re empty husks trying their best to emulate every support band on the planet. Attila-esque gut growls and poptastic vocal lines litter this 12-song monstrosity with all the cohesion of two breeze blocks smashing into each other. Was it recorded in different rooms with different backing tracks? The metalcore trope of scream a bit/sing a bit/scream again is hammered home with every ounce of sentiment wrung out.

There are glimmers of hope in the few ‘heavy bits’, but these musical punches constantly fail to hit the target.

And the hilarious ‘Now lose your shit’ in the voice of Microsoft Mary before the break in D.E.A.D. is the worst piece of electronics ever committed to a metal record.

Luke Morton
Faux Northerner. Online Editor for Metal Hammer. Host and Producer of the Metal Hammer Podcast. A bigger Simpsons fan than you.