Work Of Art: In Progress

A pure-AOR masterclass.

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It’s been quite a time for pure- AOR projects; the second album from Work Of Art following hot on the heels of Lionville’s immaculate debut.

Given that WOA’s Lars Säfsund had a hand in the latter and is also a member of the highly acclaimed WET, you might say things are becoming slightly incestuous, though there will be few complaints should Säfsund continue to produce music of the scope and quality of In Progress.

The Swedes spent two years sculpting this album with Bo Reiner, a producer who pays his bills by working with Westlife and The Backstreet Boys, but shares the trio’s fanboy obsession with such acts as Journey, Giant and especially Toto.

From the moment that In Progress begins with a surging, joyous The Rain to the final chords of The Great Fall, Work Of Art turn in an almost faultless vocal and musical display. This is well worth the wait.