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Wolvserpent: Perigaea Antahkarana

Drone doomsters scale depths where Sunn O))) don’t shine

Shoegazing doom-drone? Modern composition funeral doom? Idaho’s Wolvserpent (strangely not Goathamster or Dachshundraven) tickle that compound-tagging compulsion. Does it sound like Sunn O)))? Asva?

They indeed rise from the depths of those blackened swamps but, not unlike latter-day Sunn O))), offer a monolith that, when observed closely, is covered with beautiful, primordial-looking, cryptic ornaments, occasionally brushing Asva’s heart-wrenching crests. Perigaea… also shares a ritualistic affinity with the outer limits of tree-hugging BM, the sort you might find on the likes of Celestiial and Blood Of The Black Owl.

In its outmost abstract moments it reaches the farthest shores of the kind of stuff Finland’s Aural Hypnox releases. The press release boasts of Wolvserpent personnel possessing 20 years of classical training. Yet more than anything, this is drone/doom album as a gloomy yet multi-hued journey of the soul. It may not be superior to the aforementioned bands’ finest moments, but it’s pretty damn close.