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Wino & Conny Ochs: Labour Of Love

Doom goes acoustic.

He may be known as a pioneer of doom for his work with Saint Vitus, but Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich recently teamed up with guitarist/songwriter Conny Ochs to release a stripped-down acoustic album of twiddly, emotional riffs flanked by the calming combination of Och’s and Wino’s distinctive vocals.

This release was 2011’s Heavy Kingdom, and now the duo’s first recordings from back in 2010 have been released via Latitudes.

The featured recordings include original works, like Labour Of Love, which also appears on Heavy Kingdom, and cover songs, including Joy Division’s Isolation and Townes Van Zandt’s Nothing.

Featuring beautiful, delicate designs as artwork as well as a sense of spontaneity in their soothing acoustics, this special edition will please anyone who hungered for more after Heavy Kingdom.