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Wilson / Reigning Days / Swedish Death Candy

Detroit metallers get into the party spirit

Metalheads might not expect to hear a 15-minute jam section at the Barfly, but that’s what they get with SWEDISH DEATH CANDY [8].

Their influences include Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Dream Theater, and they’re tight enough that they could have existed for 10 years, let alone two. REIGNING DAYS [4] vocalist Dan Steer’s onstage patter is more awkward schoolkid than frontman as he reassures the room that “If you don’t like us, we can still be friends.” Their bluesy, Muse-meets-Royal Blood sound has its moments, but the song that’s almost note-for-note Black Night isn’t one of them.

Thankfully, WILSON [9] grab this gig by the balls. Frontman Chad Nicefield holds the room in his palm as he belts out slabs of rousing sleaze metal like Give ’Em Hell and College Gang Bang. They’re Southern cock rock infused with Metallica’s razor-sharp riffs and wrapped up in the Beastie Boys’ fervent desire to party – and for an hour, the Barfly becomes a Deep South dive bar as they make throwback rock sound fresh and exciting.

Wilson perfect their surround sound

Wilson perfect their surround sound (Image credit: Derek Bremner)

The room falls completely silent as Chad sings a capella in a seemingly unplanned encore. He’s got the charisma to get a whole arena dancing, and with shows like this, there’s every chance of that happening.