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Weekend Nachos: Still

Chicago’s sludge/grind crew settle into their roots

Much like Hollywood’s film remake trend, the world of extreme music can often find itself dangling regurgitation in listener’s faces with the caveat of truth and purity defensively backing up more of the same old same old.

Looking back can offer moments of brilliance (see The Thing and Scarface) in the face of dreck (The Wicker Man and anything Rob Zombie has got his hands on) and while this curiously named Chicago quartet may not be reinventing the wheel with full-length number four, Still is a turbulently robust exposition of 2013-14’s grind-punk melting pot.

There are riffs, patterns and flourishes that most of you who own Victim In Pain, Screams From The Gutter, Scum, Take As Needed For Pain and indeed any His Hero Is Gone album will recognise, but the manner in which Weekend Nachos piece the pit-worthy two-step of Watch You Suffer and the anthemic epic nature of the title track with blue-flame grindcore and slow-broiling head-in-oven sludge is a testament to the ol’ girl that is extreme music having encouraging amounts of life left in her when placed in the proper hands.