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Usurpress album review – The Regal Tribe

Swedish death metal veterans Usurpress find their forward-thinking feet with new album

Usurpress album cover

Initiated by scene veterans – including Swedish Death Metal author Daniel Ekeroth – in 2010, Usurpress soon started throwing all the death metal rules out of the window.

Even more than 2014’s Ordained, their third full-length straddles their core crusty death metal sound and an envelope-pushing sense of adventure. There’s almost no pause in between songs here, as if this 39-minute trip has to be consumed in one go.

And no matter how hard the music can be, there’s always a potential sudden ambient part, weird harmonic or gloomy lyrical reflection on life and death (inspired by their vocalist’s recent battle with myeloma) waiting for you around the corner to spoil your headbanging fun. Usurpress surely don’t make it easy on you and ask for all your attention, but this time you won’t be able to say you’ve heard it all before.