Upon A Burning Body: The World Is My Enemy Now

Deathcore ragers snatch victory from deceit

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It’s a pity that this album’s release has been over-

Upon A Burning Body obviously thought they needed to drum up attention by faking the kidnap of frontman Danny Leal, but The World Is My Enemy Now stands admirably on its own merits. Opener Red Razor Wrists is immediately gripping and the most unique song UABB have ever penned, possessing a previously unheard level of catchiness and invention via the use of electronics, and the band continue to surprise and delight in equal measure. The New Breed bobs and weaves like a prizefighter teasing his opponent before landing the knockout blow, Pledge Your Allegiance features a chorus your nan could hum before peeling out a riff that will shatter a thousand skulls and Judgement manages to merge brutal metal and flamenco guitar. UABB have honed their sound, improved their aim and made a killer 21st-century metal record. How about we forget the ‘pranks’ and stick to what you’re good at, eh, lads?

_ Via Sumerian_