Ulsect - Ulsect album review

Progressive Dutch crew reshape the death metal mould

Cover art fir Ulsect - Ulsect album

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Sharing (ex-)members with dissonant black metal band Dodecahedron and progressive metallers Textures has led Ulsect to incorporate many a shifting sound into their self-proclaimed ‘post-death metal’. Ulsect beat with a discordant heart and chaos signifies the beginning of their debut with softwareuiphraseguid=“25224d92-4463-4beb-8eff-57cf975351d2”>Fall To Depravity striding on off-kilter rhythms and guttural cries before Our Trivial Toil fans the flames of darkness with fractious guitars playing off Dennis Maas’s spiteful vocals. The monolithic walls of guitar are often overwhelming, yet hidden beneath the fury is the odd moment of clarity. Unveil is a restless vortex of clashing guitars and militant drums but a short passage of quietude belies the hatred underneath while the instrumental An Augury pays homage to Dennis Aarts’s time in progressive bands with his bass sounding so weighty it’s almost tangible. Ulsect lifts death metal from its roots and moves it firmly into the future.