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Triggerfinger: All This Dancin’ Around

There’s more to this lot than moules and frites.

Antwerp trio Triggerfinger don’t play by the rules or stick rigidly to genre boundaries. As long as it’s loud, lewd and raw, it’s fair game.

Two albums old in their native Belgium, but only just making their UK debut with this third effort, their ambitions obviously lie in taking on the world very much on their own terms.

Harnessing the ragged garage nihilism of the Stooges to the bruising intensity of Sabbath, they fearlessly cover most of the bases from stoner (Let It Ride) and sleazy Soundgarden-esque grunge (Cherry) to an eerie haunting minimalism (Without A Sound).

Inventive, clever and clearly aching to break internationally, this lot have the talent and potential to make it beyond the confines of the land of beer and waffles.