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Tricorn: Tricorn

Beard-strokin’ sludge for beer-drinkin’ men.

Upon listening to Portsmouth four-piece Tricorn’s self-titled debut it’s impossible not to think of UK sludge kings Orange Goblin. Not only is Tricorn’s weighty southern rock along the same beefy lines of that of the Goblin, but frontman Dale’s vocals also bear an uncanny resemblance to those of Ben Ward.

Of course, if you like chunky, masculine southern rock that favours raw rock‘n’roll over slick production, this is definitely no bad thing.

Echoes of the swagger of Motörhead and even the grooves of Queens Of The Stone Age – most notably on Give Me Some More – creep into their catchy stompin’ jams, and with the shortest song at nearly five minutes and the longest clocking in at just under eight, Tricorn keep their product as weighty as their sound, stuffing their songs with plentiful instrumental excursions and guitar solos.

If you want variation in sound you’d best look elsewhere, but if you want music to ride motorcycles, drink beer, stroke your beard or start a bar brawl to, Tricorn’s debut delivers.