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Threshold: For The Journey

Prog metal men strive on with album number 10.

They may deal in grand and widdly prog metal, but Threshold never reached the heights of fame experienced by their peers, Dream Theater. Having reached the milestone of album number 10, the British sextet may not succeed in shaking up the prog metal world, but For The Journey is certainly an entertaining ride.

Threshold are skilled in the epic, and this together with the crisp production means that For The Journey could be the score for a prog metal musical. There is more than a whiff of cheese – particularly in the piano-driven Lost In Your Memory. But damn… it’s catchy.

In fact, For The Journey is jam-packed with singalong choruses belted out with gusto – former vocalist Damian Wilson’s return continues to impress. Though the self-indulgent The Box outstays its welcome, Threshold make up for it with bouncy riffs and fun pomp elsewhere. Cynics stay clear.