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Thin Lizzy: High Voltage: Recorded Live – July 23rd 2011

The festival rebirth of a much- loved legend.

Such is the affection and admiration held by the rock-favouring masses for Thin Lizzy that it’s hard to imagine any post-Lynott incarnation of the band experiencing too much in the way of cynicism. But there’s something about the current line-up, and the presence of frontman Ricky Warwick in particular, that has elevated them from a straightforward exercise in hearty nostalgia to something approaching a genuine band again.

This performance from High Voltage was undoubtedly one of the festival’s major highlights and this fiery, feisty capturing of that all-too-brief moment in the sun provides ample confirmation that the rapturous response wasn’t merely the product of too much cider and sunshine.

Everything from blazing opener Are You Ready through to a sweet and strident Black Rose sounds just right; as if, in Warwick, the remaining members of the classic Lizzy have finally discovered the answer to how best to keep these extraordinary, much-loved songs alive. In fact, there is so much life in The Boys Are Back In Town, Jailbreak et al that there is really no resuscitation involved, just love, care and a touch of class.

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