The Virginmarys: Divides

Political and personal rage drives trio’s second album.

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They say bad governments inspire great music, but well into the second term of David Cameron’s NHS-raping, poor-trampling, pig-molesting regime, the alt.rock ‘rebels’ are still shrugging at their shoes. So thank God for the likes of Macclesfield monster-rock trio The Virginmarys stepping up to torch the lectern.

Their magnificent Gil Norton-produced second album Divides tackles corrupt and oppressive politicians (Free To Do Whatever They Say), immoral warfare (For You My Love) and the devastating effects of our vast social inequality and uncaring powermongers, from the prescription drug addictions of Moths To A Flame to singer Ally Dickaty’s own battles with alcohol on Into Dust and Walk In My Shoes.

That it’s all done with impeccable, pristine melodic intensity and pauses in the politics for homesickness anthem Living In My Peace, Springsteen runaway rattler Motherless Land and hot-groined shagging song I Wanna Take You Home makes for one of the punchiest swagger-rock albums of the year. To the barricades!