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The Temperance Movement: The Temperance Movement Deluxe Edition

Music and Movement.

The Temperance Movement’s 2013 self-titled album was easily one of the best rock debuts of recent years, melding sensual blues with funky rock and soulful beats – catchy and energetic throughout.

Their UK tour earlier this year was also a mammoth success, and this reissue celebrates both: as well as the album itself; a second disc featuring a small selection of live cuts from the tour is included. Anyone who caught said tour will know that their live presence is enthralling: gravelly-voiced Glaswegian frontman Phil Campbell is particularly vivacious – even on an audio recording his energy seeps through the speakers.

The musicianship is solid, and these guys know how to play the blues: the tracks are rife with improvised jams. Admittedly, there’s not a huge amount here for those who have the album already and caught the tour. But if you missed them both first time around, this is the perfect introduction./o:p