The Monolith Deathcult: Tetragrammaton

Demented Dutch deathsters hijack the 90s

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Don’t bother trying to work out exactly what this opus is stylistically, as you’ll sprain something. All manner of vicious shit is flying around the Dutchmen’s fourth album and, from the sound of it, you’re not meant to understand how it all fits together.

Instead, you’re supposed to be slapped around the face by the oh-Christ-that’s-heavy riffage and grin in response. A combination of death metal brutality and overt nods to some of the 90s biggest (good) bands – spot the Ministry, Slipknot and Roots-era Sepultura references as your starters for 10 – provides the vigour.

The surprising bouts of melody and symphonic pomp provide the hooks, while the vocal delivery and exuberance the whole thing carries provide the fun. The result is something between a less po-faced Fleshgod Apocalypse and Cannibal Corpse via Rammstein; this is a band who get that ‘brutal’ and ‘having a good time’ aren’t mutually exclusive, and offer proof in their own twisted style. Entertaining, bonkers filth with a gleeful smirk on its lips.