The Midnight Ghost Train: Cold Was The Ground

Southern metallers add a poetic twist to their grit

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What do most fans want from their favourite band’s new album? More of the same, but even better. The Midnight Ghost Train have hit that nail solidly, albeit rather uninspiringly, on the head.

Cold Was The Ground revisits their growling Southern roots, layering death metal vocals over hard rock riffs, and the result is occasionally uncomfortable but undeniably unique.

The influence of Clutch and Kyuss can be heard throughout, as well as a sludgy intensity akin to Sabbath, but Steve Moss’s Southern drawl vocals are forced through a throat full of razorblades and everything is much faster.

They have added a surprise in the form of The Little Sparrow, a film noir-esque spoken-word track, but sadly the lyrics aren’t strong enough to hold their own without the need of a melody.

However, it’s an experimental side that is yet to be fully developed, so fingers crossed that potential will be realised in future./o:p