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The Jayhawks: Paging Mr Proust

Loose but tight, quiet but loud.

The Jayhawks Paging Mr Proust album cover

Considering The Jayhawks have been around for more than 30 years, and it’s a long time since their pivotal Hollywood Town Hall album of 1992, the band’s music remains effervescent and fresh.

Co-produced by R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck, Paging Mr Proust resonates with the kind of analog shimmer that will race the pulses of audiophiles – the sound of Gary Louris’s lead guitar is particularly magnetic.

In a sense, it’s as old-fashioned as a Sony Walkman. But perhaps ‘timeless’ is a better word. Songs such as the rolling The Devil Is In Her Eyes and the carefully layered Isabel’s Daughter are the work of a group who have absorbed much of what’s great about rock’n’roll and turned it loose in the present.