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The Hell: Brutopia

Watford’s masked avengers go completely ’knots

Pinpointing what is so addictive about this six-piece is a challenge, but the tumbling basslines, twisted vocals, ‘fuck you’ attitude and brash party-time approach to metallic hardcore all play a big part.

The masks, the names (Jackhammer, Bag Hound, Honey Badger) and the chuggingly heavy swift pace is intended more as a mystery than a gimmick, so it’s unsurprising to discover their openness to half-hearted Slipknot comparisons because both bands share an equal love of all that is edgy, while also producing a smart, aggressive sound that’s far from a joke.

Many of The Hell’s basslines are mindblowing and their ballsy screams and breakdowns could incite prison riots. Sick displays a touch of glam rock and I’ve Got Lots Of Money and The Fever are lyrically ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the underlying groove, frantic Cockney rap, chunky Pantera riffs and battling yells should appeal to fans of Snot, Sikth or SOAD. Wacky, crushing and cruelly anthemic, here’s hoping that The Hell’s sickness spreads far and wide!