The Erkonauts: I Did Something Bad

Genre-mashing madness from the Swiss mountains

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I Did Something Bad sounds like a band walking into the practice room, playing whatever bonkers shit they wanted to that day, and turning the incoherent clusterfuck of ideas into a collection of songs linked by little more than personnel and guitar tone.

On paper, the mix of catchy punk rock, frenetic metal, bluesy rock and acoustic Americana should make no sense (and it doesn’t), and be terrible – only it’s not.

Through a combination of energy, quirky personality, fuck-you authenticity and a collection of killer choruses and big fat riffs, I Did Something Bad somehow avoids being a godawful mess to become hugely enjoyable, exhilarating fun.

From the explosive chaos of The Great Ass Poopery, to the singalong All The Girls Should Die and the stonerisms of NOLA, it’s inevitably confused and inconsistent, and Satan only knows how they can get a second album out of this, but holy shit, this is a wild ride while it lasts.