The Brave – Epoch album review

Australia’s metal scene chalks up yet another victory with The Brave's new album

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Any band who introduce their debut as a “stab at immortality” are either very delusional or very good. Luckily this Gold Coast metalcore crew fall firmly in the latter camp.

The latest addition to Australia’s heady metal scene, The Brave have shared a stage with Parkway Drive, while their pummelling grooves and ambient textures bear the hallmarks of Northlane and In Hearts Wake.

Harnessing the promise of their 2014 Endless EP, every note of Epoch screams with bloody-minded ambition. Cinematic opener Searchlights sets the tone: expansive and driving with a chorus that spirals upwards into a bright sky. There are flashes of current-era BMTH in the shimmering electronic flourishes that litter Break Free and on the gloriously crafted Eclipse, where vocalist Nathan Toussaint’s raw-throated delivery bursts into a commanding chorus. Epoch is a surprisingly strong collection, deilvered with heart and passion.