The Body & Full Of Hell: One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

Noise/grind collaborators plough an uninviting furrow

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Misery-effusing duo The Body and noise/grind whippersnappers Full Of Hell are bands familiar to collaboration, the latter having risen to prominence due to their Full Of Hell + Merzbow LP.

Those expecting One Day… to sound like either band’s usual output are going to be disappointed. Lacking both the grinding intensity we’ve come to expect from FOH and rarely descending to the bludgeoning depths at which The Body usually operate, One Day… is a half-hour deluge of loosely structured noise and brain-shredding static.

The disorientating, eponymous opener sounds like both bands playing at their usual, opposite speeds at the same time, while the likes of Himmel und Hölle are comprised of uninspired noise manipulation and low-mixed wails.

Containing neither FOH’s youthful, raging nihilism nor The Body’s sedated acceptance of life’s futility, it’s a horribly uncomfortable listen, but then so is a broken tractor. For trve kvlt fans only.