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The Amsterdam Red-Light District: Gone For A While

Gallic ruffians add their own brand of fun to the formula

The second track on The Amsterdam Red-Light District’s second album, Just Have A Good Time, perfectly encapsulates the sentiment of this record. Following the punk’n’roll template, it’s unrelenting in its pace, and every track that follows is seemingly written with circlepits in mind.

The band have drawn far more influence from the rock’n’roll side of the amalgamation than many of their peers, though. Frontman Elio Sxone hits notes far beyond the range of regular barkers while guitarist Maxime Comby is always ready to whip out a solo.

In many ways Gone For A While shares more in common with Guns N’ Roses than Gallows, and as such the French four-piece have created a soundtrack for smashing Jägerbombs rather than smashing the state. There may be little in the way of variety, but ultimately the reckless riffing on offer is the perfect spur for more debauched excess than an episode of Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents./o:p