The Algorithm: Polymorphic Code

For sanity’s sake, go with the flow (chart)

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Fusing all manner of warped, dark and fucking heavy electronica with technical rhythms and metallic crunch (almost like a dance version of SikTh), the key to understanding The Algorithm’s bonkers modus operandi is simple: don’t try.

The Gallic mix-wizard’s debut is deliriously deranged, and therein lies its strength. There are jarring shifts between four-on-the-floor drive and neck-snapping jazzy polyrhythms, and the dizzying whirls of beeping electronics and booming bass make no sense at all, leaving you two choices – go with it or slowly drive yourself mad trying to untangle it. Your brain, in self-defence, quickly convinces you to do the former, and you almost instinctively find yourself grinning and throwing limbs and head around.

Perhaps inevitably, this is always going to be experienced better live, in a dark room full of people, rather than through headphones, but the atmosphere of Polymorphic Code, akin to a dystopian, Weimar-esque future where hedonism hurls towards totalitarian oppression, carries it through. While some are likely to spend hours debating whether or not this is metal, anyone sensible will have long since got on with dance-moshing like no one’s watching.