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Testament's Titans Of Creation: a peerless example of thrash craft

A titanic thrash statement from Testament on 13th album Titans Of Creation

Testament's Titans Of Creation
(Image: © Nuclear Blast)

At this stage of their lives, Testament could be forgiven for moving away from those trademark heavy roots. 

Thankfully, though, there’s no sign of these veterans losing commitment to full-on, riotous music. 

This album thunders along right from opener Children Of The Next Level, as vocalist Chuck Billy roars with typical bullishness, complemented by guitarists Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson, who swoop and snarl in tandem

There’s no respite as power surges through WWIII, Dream Deceiver and The Healers, yet occasionally they do head for fresh territory, as on the black metal-influenced tornado of Night Of The Witch and the doom stylings of City Of Angels

There’s also the instrumental mastery on Symptoms, highlighting the tormented lyrics concerning mental illness – so appropriate in the current age. 

Titans Of Creation is a peerless example of Testament’s craft, and among their best albums in a 30-plus-year recording career.