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Suicidal Tendencies: 13

Thrash/hardcore originals hit their 30th anniversary

Never ones to be coy, this Los Angeles crossover thrash band celebrate their return loud and clear with a high-adrenaline, tongue-in-cheek opener, Shake It Out, that forces fans to exercise the demons yet again.

It is the perfect start, full of spiralling fretwork, heavy riffs and funky basslines, and Mike Muir’s voice is as fresh and recognisable as ever. Lead guitarist Dean Pleasants and newcomer Nico Santora make a slick double-act and the solos are headspinning. The bluesy guitar on This World does them justice too, but it is prowling funk-infused God Only Knows… Who I Am, with its glorious guitars, that is this album’s real gem.

Owning their own studio and label has afforded them the time to deliver something that polishes their no-nonsense riffs and mad basslines (now courtesy of Tim Williams) but to also pull in diversity to reel in a fresh crowd. Yes, there are some fillers, but after 13 years’ silence, this is a hell of a way to remind the world why your 30th anniversary is worth celebrating.