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Steel Panther: British Invasion

LA’s glam Exocets carry on up the Academy

Chances are, if you’ve seen Steel Panther at any show in the past three years, you’ve already seen a hefty chunk of the silly banter on show on this live set shot predominately at their 2010 Brixton Academy show in London.

Of course, if you’ve seen Steel Panther at any show in the past three years, you already know that they’re one of the best and most ludicrous live bands on the planet right now, and British Invasion is a brilliant piece of work. The first disc, composed entirely of that live footage, is taken from 16 cameras and showcases exactly why the ’Panther are better and have a sharper eye for the absurdity and glory of glam than the bands they ape have for decades, with Michael Starr sounding epic live and Satchel shredding harder than most guitarists ha – no wait, twice his age can manage.

The second disc, featuring some outrageously silly backstage footage, a documentary and five songs from their amazing and hilarious Download set earlier this year (including an appearance from Corey Taylor) – feels genuinely worthwhile and fun rather than a lazy tack-on. As far as a fun Friday night in goes, you’ll be hard pushed to find better than a night in with Steel Panther.

Merlin Alderslade

Metal Hammer editor Merl heads up the world's biggest metal brand and is probably responsible for 90% of all nu metal-related content making it onto the site.