Sons Of Death Valley: The Day Of Reckoning

Danish Wild West lovers prove to be the wrong kind of cowboys

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Sons Of Death Valley seem to think that they’re from the historical Wild West and play a sleek amalgamation of good ol’ fashioned rock and/or roll and howling 00s hardcore.

In fact, the quintet hail from Roskilde, Denmark – and despite their best intentions much of The Day Of Reckoning sounds like the frustrated, aimless chugging of an Every Time I Die tribute act.

Whilst the bone-dry trad blues intro and subsequent mid-paced stomp of the self-titled opener shows some head-nodding, toe-tapping promise, things quickly delve into the mire of hardcore genericism. The strained, high-pitched and constantly failing wail of vocalist ‘Dan’ soon becomes more irritating than enlivening whilst In God We Trust seems interminable, despite being little over three minutes long.

Elsewhere, Facing The Gallows is so reminiscent of early Gallows you wonder if the title is a joke and Death Suits Us All sounds like little more than a limp pastiche of ETID, but with neither the articulation nor the riffs./o:p