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Sky Architect: A Billion Years Of Solitude

The space-rocking Dutch bunch look to ancient stars.

In a galaxy far, far away, ruled by HG Wells and questionable special effects, Sky Architect appear to have carved a setting for their third LP, some seven years after their inception in Rotterdam. Sharper, heavier and more sprawling than previous work, their latest packs in seven pieces and paves an admirably ambitious path.

Easing in isn’t an option here – Sky Architect serve their 18-minute opus up front, in the form of The Curious One. Sci-fi meets free jazz and old-school spacey samples; lo-fi arrangements and moody vocals evolve into discordant alt-rock; the strains of a Mellotron appear.

A lot happens, then and things become saturated in places: wandering melodies and woozy fuzz quash some of the eclecticism (the ample musicianship displayed throughout suggests the problem might lay within the writing). Still, the beauty of a record like this is that you do keep discovering with every listen.

By turns soaring, beefy, noodly and ethereal, the intricacies embed themselves in jazzy sensibilities and assured prog patterns, embracing delicate piano in Elegy Of A Solitary Giant, and Flower Kings-esque guitar in the Revolutions. Nice.